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Post  Piva on Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:12 am

I've cut it down to just telling people to set up these macros: I think the macros alone give the new member an idea of what the tone of the guild is about Smile

Asking them to make 4 macros so they have both the call and response might be better than just the two I was asking for until now...

/g Set up two macros and put them on your action bar...the call... /wb WE ARE TOUGH AND WE ARE MEAN.... and the response... /wb ALEFUELED DRUNKEN KILLING MACHINE!

/g and another two... the call... /wb WHO IS IT DESTRUCTION FEAR?... and the response... /wb ALETHIRSTY SQUADDIES WITH A BEER! If you need help setting these up then ask.

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