Toasts and Drinking Songs

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Toasts and Drinking Songs Empty Toasts and Drinking Songs

Post  Piva on Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:20 am

This is a preliminary list of good songs - use this as a reference and please add any you come up with.

Here's ter ye and here's ter me, may we never disagree.
But if we do, the hell with you,
Here's a drink ter me!

I used ter know a clever toast,
But now I cannot think it,
So fill yer mug with anythin,
And damn yer souls - jus' drink it!

Open the mouth, past the gums...
Watch out liver - HERE IT COMES!

Heres ter living single, seeing double, an sleeping triple!

To a long life and a merry one...
To a quick death and an honest one...
To a pretty lass and a buxom one...
To a strong beer — and another one! CHEERS!

O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s gone!

Gather thee dwarves, there’s cause for a bash
Tap all caskets and find us yer stash
Who calls the round? Whose wallet is heavy?
How many pints can this tummy here levy?

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